human resources development


human resources development

“I am a supporting actor in your life” – A thought on leadership


We tend to see ourselves as the main character and everybody else as side characters. When we accomplish something we tend to think, “I did it,” but for mistakes, we tend to turn defensive and assert ourselves being not responsible or wrong. This is what’s happening with the coronavirus, too. There is an essay written by Shusaku Endo titled, “I am a supporting actor in your life.” It goes like this: In a play, there are supporting actors. Obviously, they are there to support the lead actor. They play roles pivotal to the story line together with the lead, but ...

human resources development

“In this journey I saw the sea and land horizons for the first time in my life.” Everything in human life becomes more sophisticated through real experience


The famous architect Tadao Ando, known for works such as the Church of the Light, has a unique background of becoming an architect by working part-time at an architect studio and learning by himself. He didn’t undertake any specialized education in architecture. He started his career as a professional boxer. However, he reminisces that after meeting Fighting Harada (a famous former pro-boxer in Japan) and observing how he trained himself, he felt overwhelmed and immediately decided to quit his boxing career (Tadao Ando, “Architect Tadao Ando”, p.39). Tadao Ando(source:flickr: Tadao Ando) H(e then fell in love with the art of ...

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